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Is a robust intuitive retail solution that drives Specialty Retailers to deliver maximum sales and profitability performance. We achieve this by providing simple, intuitive tools that allow real-time visibility of performance to target, align staff to store traffic, and share actionable knowledge within the organization to deliver a single version of the truth. Our solution:

  • Focuses on driving performance - incorporating dashboards, analytics and automated reporting to support your performance programs;
  • Provides visibility and insights of what is happening NOW in stores and why, so that they make faster, better real-time decisions and act on leading indicators rather than reacting to lag indicators when it is too late to change anything
  • Sets expectations and measures performance in real time against targets to create a "cadence of accountability" at all levels of the organization
  • Includes simple, powerful labor management tools, including scheduling to traffic, non-sell planning, clock and time & attendance 
  • Is fast, simple, intuitive and relevant - and readily embraced by Store, Field and Corporate staff
  • Incorporates coaching to enable action that addresses root cause issues
  • Includes both leading practice Specialty Retail  reports and ad-hoc reporting functionality
  • Incorporates weather information for both future planning and historical analysis
  • Is rapid  to deploy, both in the self-hosted or SaaS models.  We can have you up and running in a few short weeks
  • Achieves results with no increase in labor or other operating costs.  Payback typically less than 11 weeks