CIOReview Names StoreForce One of the 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers of 2018

CIOReview’s panel of Retail CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, along with the editorial board, identified StoreForce as one of the 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers of 2018, out of a total of 300 companies reviewed. StoreForce is thrilled to be recognized with this award, as we launch into a very exciting 2018. In CIOReview’s selection process they evaluated overall competency to provide efficient, cost-effective Retail Solutions and Services. They recognized StoreForce as a data-driven Solution that will help Retailers “ride the tide of e-commerce and hold the market share through brick-and-mortar locations.”

Read the full article, an interview with Dave Loat, StoreForce President, below or by downloading the PDF here: StoreForce – CIOReview Top 20 – Article

StoreForce: Revitalizing Store Performance

Despite the digital ascendency and the growing customer preferences for digital engagement, brick-and-mortar stores continue to be the essential touchpoint in enabling brand experience. “With the evolving Retail industry, brick and mortar Retailers need to have the right tools to stay relevant and competitive,” points out Dave Loat, President and Co-founder of StoreForce. This is where StoreForce proves their mettle. Through an intuitive SaaS platform, StoreForce provides Retailers with end-to-end control over their brick and mortar business. The system delivers ‘born and bred’ Specialty Retail programs via a series of integrated tools such as performance-based labor scheduling, real- time performance feedback dashboards and analytics, and Retail-specific business intelligence reporting.

The SaaS platform identities opportunities as they occur, using predictive analytics and traffic trends to pinpoint where and when stores need to put focus on specific selling activities, thereby empowering store managers to take immediate action and exceed their sales goals. StoreForce’s performance-based scheduling approach involves measuring Associate Sales Floor performance over a trailing 13 weeks and auto-generating store schedules that ensure the best performing associates are on the Sales Floor at the peak traffic times. Built on the principle of simple and intuitive, it provides accurate and timely reports about the efficiency and throughput of each member of the sales team.

StoreForce’s dashboard displays store key performance indicators (KPIs) against targets, with granularity down to the half-hour, and down to the level of the Sales Associates. Additionally, the dashboard scrutinizes the current KPI trends and provides the store managers with feedback on which ones to focus on, suggests actions for improvement, and can even link directly to training materials. The training materials incorporate the Retailer’s own coaching programs to enable rapid and effective behavioral change of the Sales Associates. This leads to improved conversion and transaction value. As a leader in the area of connecting behavioral coaching to KPI performance, StoreForce allows store managers to deliver in-application coaching to the Sales Associates. Each coaching message in the dashboard is directed to deliver relevant content and build synergy between the manager and the associates, thereby increasing the quality and quantity of sale.

Elaborating with an anecdote, Loat explains how LUSH, a health and beauty Retailer, improved their business. Piloting StoreForce’s solution, LUSH became aware of a performance gap between the stores which implemented StoreForce vs. the other stores running on with just traffic counters. The LUSH stores with StoreForce outperformed the traffic-only stores significantly, with a 5.7 percent increase in sales in just eight weeks of implementation. As a result, LUSH decided to adopt StoreForce across all stores.

StoreForce currently serves Specialty Retailers in over 40 countries, across 5 continents, with plans to further expand their footprint in Asia and Australia. The company also continually seeks to expand their functionality, including soon introducing gami cation that would further improve behavioral performance of the Sales Associates, which adds to the bottom line. This speaks volumes of the bene ts their solution has in store for Specialty Retailers. “Our customers tell us that once they’ve experienced using StoreForce, they couldn’t see themselves managing a store without having StoreForce in place,” concludes Loat.

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