2021 StoreForce Virtual
Community Event

May 10 – 14, 2021

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Event Overview

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a StoreForce Virtual Community Event the week of May 10th. The event will consist of 5 one-hour sessions, with one session being presented each day for 5 days. Each session will be presented twice each day to accommodate client calendars from Europe to the Pacific coast. All of the sessions will be presented live with time allotted for Q&A.

While the focus is on Store Operations, it takes a team of IT, Human Resources and Finance for planning and executing to win in the era of change. Topics include the impact of business and consumer change on the stores, changes in Field Leadership and scheduling trends.

The benefit of virtual means you really can bring your entire team!

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Why Attend

Hear from StoreForce experts and industry peers on how StoreForce is helping to meet the changing needs of Specialty Retail.

We will share new and existing application features. This is a great opportunity to take another look at features you may not yet be using.

The challenges of the past year have sparked new opportunities for retailers to expand the role of the store. Listen to stories that will help you move forward in new ways.

StoreForce is proud to partner with some of the best Specialty Retailers in the industry and you – they – shape where we are going.

Participate in the sessions through Q&A and polling to share ideas and help to shape the StoreForce roadmap.

As an online event and only 1 hour a day the StoreForce Virtual Community Event makes it easy for you and your team to participate – all at no cost.

We came to the conference thinking it was a Technology Conference and realized that it’s a Retail Conference! Just being able to interact with international retailers to get a sense of the challenges they deal with and how similar they are to what we deal with, is very helpful to us.”

Malden Warren, National Operations Manager, Cape Union Mart


To Comp or Not to Comp | Mon, May 10

While we can all agree that 2020 is anything but Like for Like, this session takes a closer look at how Specialty Retail has changed over the past year and the impact that those business changes have had on our ability to plan and set targets for Store KPIs in 2021.

Effective Performance Targets | Tue, May 11

As a continuation of the To Comp or Not to Comp conversation, we discuss best practices in setting performance targets, explore the various places within the application that are influenced by targets and feature the StoreForce Create Targets option. This powerful tool allows you to create relevant KPI targets to drive the desired behaviors that move the needle.

Consumer Driven Change | Wed, May 12

While the conditions over the last year have certainly driven change in our businesses, the truth is that many of these changes started well before 2020, driven by new technologies and industries. The restrictions of last year only accelerated them. This session explores the impact of digital transactions and the new services being embraced by customers. We are joined by Build-A-Bear Workshop and Groupe Dynamite who will discuss how they are leveraging these new services.

Managing Differently | Thu, May 13

This session expands on a past conference session focused on the Field Leader. Perhaps no role has experienced more change over the last year than that of the Field Leaders. Restrictions required a shift in focus and approach in leading the store organization. Will these changes continue to be a part of the toolset moving forward? We are joined by multiple Field Leaders to discuss how they are using new techniques and technologies to coach, communicate, cheerlead and monitor compliance in the stores from a distance.

Scheduling Trends | Fri, May 14

Rakish Naipal, Client Engagement Manager, sits down for a conversation with Chris Matichuk, StoreForce General Manager, to discuss scheduling trends. They look back on emerging trends in 2019 and how these were impacted by the challenges of 2020 and look forward to current trends. During this session we will also share development that is in progress or on the roadmap for Workforce Management.

Note: To accommodate time zones, we are presenting each session twice per day (live with Q&A). One-hour session schedule (NA/EMEA): 7 AM and 10 AM (Pacific) | 10 AM and 1 PM (Eastern) | 16:00 and 19:00 (Central EU). Register Now!

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We can’t wait to see you at our 2021 StoreForce Virtual Community Event. Please, be sure to register for the sessions you would like to attend; a meeting invite will follow based on the sessions selected.
See you on May 10-14, 2021!

Note: Registration to our online sessions are only open to StoreForce clients.

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