The “Dashboard Analyzer” Helps Stores Focus on Insight-based Selling

With its latest software release, StoreForce launched the Dashboard Analyzer, powered by branded decision trees to even further improve a store’s ability to act on the opportunity walking through its doors.

TORONTO, ON, June 15, 2015 – StoreForce, the pioneer in Retail Performance and Workforce Management software, has announced the launch of its Dashboard Analyzer, an exciting new feature that allows retailers to automatically deliver in-application coaching to store users based on real-time KPI performance. Building on the principles of simple and intuitive, StoreForce continues to provide innovations that help retailers achieve top-line lifts of 5-15% by presenting them with actionable insights and guided coaching.

“It’s about changing the conversations in retail,” says Dave Loat, President of StoreForce. “Our Solution allows Retailers to focus their stores in real-time on the actions that maximize the opportunity walking through their doors. The Dashboard Analyzer is yet another feature that makes it easier for retailers to ensure their Store Sales Leaders are knowledgeable and acting on that opportunity.”

With the click of a button, the Dashboard Analyzer uses back-end decision trees to analyze current KPI trends and provide the store user with feedback that includes the KPI(s) to focus on, suggested actions to improve KPI performance, and links to materials such as training videos or cheat sheets. In essence, StoreForce has created the first tool that links behavior coaching to KPI performance in real time. The Dashboard Analyzer also supports a fully branded experience by allowing each client to configure the backend decision tree with their own language and coaching.

“We continually expand functionality to help the stores more easily focus on the selling floor,” adds Loat. “As a result, StoreForce is quickly embraced and soon becomes the essential tool in driving store success.”

The Dashboard Analyzer is currently available to all new clients as part of the core StoreForce Solution, and is available to all existing clients through standard upgrades at no additional cost.

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