The Importance of a BYOD Policy in Retail

An evolving era of technological advances and a new generation of tech-savvy employees are encouraging retailers to adopt Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) policies to drive success.

White Paper Cover of The Importance of a BYOD Policy in Retail

The breakthrough of mobile age has influenced retailers to implement mobile-friendly apps and tools to drive exceptional customer experiences, connecting tech-savvy store associates with the right devices. With curiosity, StoreForce has conducted an in-depth survey of its clients regarding retail BYOD policies and its use.

In this white paper, you will learn why BYOD has become critical to retailers through an exploratory finding of its significance, influence, and expectations on the way retailers are doing business. The mobile era is here to stay, given its holistic benefits to users be it your store associates, store managers, or field leaders.

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Retailers are struggling to solve problems around certain rules and procedures of using these devices and keeping up with offering services in stores that employees and consumers expect. The report also uncovers the benefits of having digital applications in place as well as how the current retail workforce environment may be or not secured, or properly governed with the additional tools in play.

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