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On-Demand Webinar: Employee of the Future

In this session, Kyle Monk, Director of Analytics and Insight from British Retail Consortium (BRC), Chris Noble from StoreForce, and Robert Newstead from PVH, talk about how leading retailers are approaching changes in customer behaviour, the types of technology that can improve in-store operations, new skills your workers need to learn, and how you can get the best performance out of your store and store workers.

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On-Demand Webinar: Employee of the Future

“Introducing StoreForce to all of our stores in the region has been a key milestone in supporting our mission to elevate consumer engagement and store efficiency in real time.”

Diego B., VP of Direct to Consumers EMEA at Vans


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Our 4 Key Pillars for Store Operations:

Workforce, Performance, Store Execution, and Employee Engagement.

StoreForce - Retail Workforce Management Software - View of Scheduling - Store Level - European store

Workforce Management

Optimise the effectiveness of your labour spend with predictive retail scheduling based on evolving trends and traffic patterns.

  • Easily schedule the right number of store employees to align staff resources to demand while fulfilling the needs of today’s employee
  • Optimise your limited labour spend to maximise customer experience
  • Schedule your best-performing sales staff at the right time to increase sales, conversions, and basket size

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“StoreForce ensures our schedules are optimised with the ever-changing consumer trends.”

Laura H.
Regional Manager, Wolford

Performance Management

Measure employee and store performance against targets in real-time.

  • Providing real-time performance KPIs to your store staff, store managers, and field leaders allows for coaching in the moment
  • Enable your store teams with real-time performance coaching programs
  • Understand how the combination of your physical and digital channels are impacting your store operations

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“StoreForce is the most relevant and impactful tool we have implemented in the region since I joined Vans.”

StoreForce - Retail Performance Management - View of KPIs and Dashboard in euros - European store
StoreForce - Retail Task Management - View of Tasks of a Store - European Store

Store Execution

Generate chain-wide brand consistency through task management and store execution tools.

  • Know what is happening at your stores with real-time communication between your headquarters and your sales leaders
  • Instil customer confidence by achieving your brand standards for safety and cleanliness through tasking and store visit reporting
  • Capture and report on in-store events and provide feedback through event post-mortems

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“The results speak for themselves. Rolling out StoreForce was a very easy business decision”



Employee Engagement

Keep your workforce engaged and motivated by giving them control of their schedule and gamifying their performance.

  • Give your store staff more control over their schedules with shift exchange, time-off requests, and schedule visibility
  • Empower your store staff with business and individual targets goals to increase contribution and engagement
  • Create a culture of accountability, motivation, and gamification with personal rankings and streaks

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“StoreForce has enabled our stores and field staff to manage the business with an innovative approach, resulting in great efficiencies to our operations.”

StoreForce - Employee Engagement Software for Retail - View of Dashboard, Schedule and Time and Attendance View

Specialty Retail Teams Need a WFM Solution Built Exclusively for Them

Driving Revenue with real-time insights.


Influence consumers’ buying decisions by applying real-time insights to drive store performance.


Stores as Markets to measure consumer spend and omnichannel performance.

Stores as Markets

Measure your market performance by combining physical and digital channels to capture total consumer spend.


Available capacity to optimize labor spend

Available Capacity

Optimise your labour spend to address growing in-store demand activities due to increased digital transactions.

Real-time communication within retail teams.

Real-Time Communication

Arm your store leadership with tasking and communication tools for quick decision making.










sales lift


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Industry Insights

Find the latest insights into the current state of retail workforce management


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