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Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise


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Over the last 18 months, stores have evolved drastically, becoming mini distribution centers, showrooms, and billboards - Quote by Chris Matichuk

Perfect your store execution to deliver a consistent brand experience across your estate! Making sure your stores have a consistent look, feel and atmosphere is very important in retail. Customers who walk into your store in New York should have the same unforgettable experience as those who walk into one of your stores in Seattle.

Over the last 18 months, stores have evolved drastically, becoming mini distribution centres, showrooms, and billboards. It can be difficult to balance the sell and non-sell activities involved in running a successful brick-and-mortar store today. The amount of tasking instore has recently increased now more than ever. This has challenged stores to either increase their labour spend or do more with the same.

Increasing communication has become a top priority for many retailers - Quote by Chris Matichuk

In addition, increasing communication has become a top priority for many retailers. Retailers were innovative and used technology to stay connected to their employees and customers alike. Virtual and telephone appointments, chat and discussion boards, and virtual store visits had, in some ways, made people feel more connected than ever before. Field Leaders used to be known for being mainly a coach to their teams, whereas now, they are regarded as mainly the communicator. For many reasons, it’s now evident that communication has become more important than ever before in the retail landscape recently.

Finally, providing your employees with greater flexibility and making the workplace fun can improve employee engagement. Gamification is a powerful technology tool to improve communications on the store floor and bring fun into the workday. Collaboration is also important and collecting feedback directly from the frontline helps employees feel valued and heard.

Providing your employees with greater flexibility and making the workplace fun can improve employee engagement - Quote by Chris Matichuk

Combining and unifying these elements consistently will help ensure that your store is executed in the best way possible. This will ultimately deliver your brand experience throughout your entire estate.

Chris Matichuk


Chris Matichukleads the Services and Product teams as the General Manager of StoreForce. With over 30 years in retail, Chris has vast experience in retail consulting and retail systems. Chris has worked closely with 100+ retailers spanning nearly all formats of retail. She has held positions from field organization to corporate operations in department stores, big-box retail, and Speciality Retail.

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Jamie Grill-Goodman is the senior editor of RIS News. Jamie has worked for both consumer and B2B publications during her media career, covering retail, consumer goods, private label, real estate, and more. Her multichannel content creation skills weave a keen observation of retail trends into a smooth communication of complex information to a general audience.

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