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StoreForce WFM+, Positive Sales Growth and
Consistent Brand Delivery

StoreForce story began over 10 years ago with our founders, Dave Loat and Chris Matichuk. With extensive backgrounds in retail as well as retail management consulting, they recognised the important need to provide an ‘All-in-One” solution for Specialty Retail. It is called “WFM+”, where the “+” represents a focus on positive sales growth and consistent delivery of the brand. This approach is entirely unique to StoreForce, and it is why the “+” also represents a foundational shift from the way traditional workforce management systems approach labor planning in Specialty Retail.

Meet the StoreForce Leadership Team

Dave Loat, President at StoreForce

Dave Loat


Dave Loat is the President and co-founder of StoreForce. Dave has over 25 years of experience working with some of the best-known brands in retail and has incorporated these learnings into the StoreForce’s solution. He is truly passionate about store operations. Prior to StoreForce, Dave was a founding partner of Karabus Management, which grew to become the second-largest retail-specific consulting firm in the world. While at Karabus, Dave had the experience of working with over 100 retailers.

Chris Matichuk, General Manager at StoreForce.

Chris Matichuk


Chris Matichuk leads the Services and Product teams as the General Manager at StoreForce. With over 30 years in retail, Chris has a vast experience in retail consulting and retail systems. Chris has worked closely with 100+ retailers spanning nearly all formats of retail. She has held positions from field organisation to corporate operations in department stores, big-box retail, and specialty retail.

Chris Noble, Managing Director - Europe at StoreForce

Chris Noble


As a Managing Director of StoreForce – Europe, Chris knows that making data-driven decisions is key to employee engagement, generating sales and increasing efficiency. In the last 20 years, Chris has worked exclusively with Specialty Retailers across Europe and the Middle East. Chris’ forte is technology, and he understands that bringing it to the sales floor is critical for retailers to maintain their positions. He believes that StoreForce not only does this but also allows retailers to experience sales growth and differentiate themselves through a better customer journey.

Howard Amoils, Managing Director - Australia at StoreForce

Howard Amoils


Howard first witnessed how effective customer service can keep customers at his grandfather’s well-known retail store over 45 years ago. Now, Howard works with a growing client base after bringing StoreForce to Australia in 2017. Howard loves meeting and working with specialty retailers who radiate passion and energy. He is always looking for the best ways to serve their customers better.

Lester Aderem, Managing Director - Africa at StoreForce

Lester Aderem


Based in Cape Town, South Africa. Lester has been involved in providing software and services to the retail industry for more than 40 years. He has worked with many of the leading South African retailers in the clothing, fashion, and furniture sectors. He has specialised in in-store solutions with an emphasis on driving customer service and store efficiency. He is passionate about customer service and the software he delivers and supports.


Cheryl Gordon


As VP of Sales and Marketing, Cheryl is responsible for all North American Sales and Marketing efforts at StoreForce. She possesses over 20 years’ experience in global software companies as well as established startups. She has a strong passion for building and coaching teams to successfully drive individual and team performance to achieve company goals. Her experience crosses over several key organisational areas where she has managed teams within sales and marketing, customer account management, implementation services, and helpdesk support.


Renzo Delvecchio


Renzo Delvecchio is the Global Marketing Director for StoreForce and oversees the development of marketing strategies. With 20 years of experience in sales and marketing at leading tech companies, OpenText, EXFO, and Cisco Systems, he is responsible for developing product positioning, sales enablement and market intelligence for StoreForce. Renzo brings his expertise in managing global marketing campaigns to enable retailers on the how StoreForce will help them grow and propel their businesses in the new era of retail.

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