StoreForce collaborates with great organisations to deliver value to our clients, helping them achieve operational excellence around the globe.

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At StoreForce, we are all about partnering with our clients to drive their retail performance. With that same desire, we have teamed up with specially-chosen companies to shape the future of retail together.

Our alliance with StoreForce provides an important combined value which provides real-time actionable insights to serve the retail community.”

Tony Luzza, Head of Global Channel, RetailNext

WFM+ interfaces with the best-in-class in retail tech

From HCM to unified commerce, traffic counting, and weather data solution providers, StoreForce leverages client’s data from the best-in-class retail vendors.


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Unified Commerce

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Traffic Counting Providers

Axper Countwise HeadCount logo Prodco RetailNext Sensormatic - Shoppertrak SMS Trafsys

Weather Data Providers


Why WFM+ is the preferred end-to-end workforce management solution in Retail

  • All-in-one workforce and performance management purpose-built to drive sales performance in Speciality Retail
  • 80+ top global brands rely on StoreForce daily
  • Rapid rollouts (5-7 weeks) allow for fast time to benefit
  • We are Speciality Retail and come from Retail. Our Teams and Client Engagement Managers are committed to our clients’ successes
  • Focus on business results – in-stores and supporting omnichannel market sales

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