Rethinking Retail: Workforce Matters

White paper - WWD and StoreForce - Rethinking Retail Workforce Matters - Cover Image

The “Great Resignation” is taking a toll on the retail industry, which is also being impacted by unprecedented supply chain disruptions. It’s within this context that StoreForce and Fairchild Studio, a media group, conducted a survey of retail industry executives, managers, and owners in fashion apparel, footwear, and beauty to gauge the impact of labor shortages and other related issues.

This special report includes executive insights and analysis that sheds light on what’s behind these challenges. It recognises evolving trends such as the future of work and rethinking business with an end goal of creating a better shopping experience.

Read executive insights about workforce shortages, changing customer preferences and the role of retail stores. Download the report to get the retailer’s responses to our survey about:

  1. What are the top challenges companies are facing regarding store-level operations?
  2. How is the global supply chain situation impacting companies?
  3. How disruptive is the current labor shortage for companies?
  4. How challenging is the workforce issue?
  5. How important is technology in addressing retail operational challenges?
  6. Which areas should companies invest for store-level technology solutions?
White paper - WWD and StoreForce - Rethinking Retail Workforce Matters

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