Unified Solution for Omnified Retail

Unified Solution for Omnified Retail

The market has a multitude of excellent software and solutions which can make our businesses easier and more profitable post pandemic. A downside of this wide range of point solutions is that they are typically homogeneous solutions that are designed to meet the needs of multiple disparate industries instead of focusing on the particular needs of speciality retail. They are also often independent and not easily accessible from a single system. Due to this, a comprehensive analysis of a business through a single platform becomes almost impossible.

It is the right time for retail leaders to think about a unified solution which can prepare their organisation for a technology enabled revolution in customer experience and employee efficiency. In this whitepaper, we will be looking at the top 4 tools needed by Speciality Retailers to run a profitable store.

Tool #1 – Sales Intelligence Tool

Tool #2 – Labor scheduling Tool

Tool #3 – Store Execution Tool

Tool #4 – Employee Engagement Tool

We will also look at a unified solution that can deliver sales intelligence, labour scheduling, store execution, employee engagement, in-store coaching, workforce management, task management and many more speciality retail operations enablement tools through just one single and simple platform.

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Whitepaper - Unified Solution for Omnified Retail

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