Employee Engagement

Your sales employees are key in bringing your brand to life by providing the best customer experience. Employee engagement starts by putting tools in their hands.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) allows employees to view their schedule on their phone or home computer, as well as request time off, exchange or post shifts and review their timecards. ESS also serves as a portal for Employee communications, including messages and notifications.

StoreForce - Employee Engagement Software for Retail - View of Dashboard, Time and Attendance, and Leaderboard View

Pool Labour to Increase Tenure

Pool labour to allow your employees to work in multiple stores in the same city. This allows your part-time employees the opportunity for more hours, which increases retention, increases product knowledge, and employee engagement.

Give Employees the Hours They Need to Succeed

Easily schedule employees to work in nearby stores to give them more hours and recognise their expertise more broadly within your chain. Give top performers every opportunity to earn more and better shifts.

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Gamification Drives Friendly Sales Competition

Leaderboards, streaks, and rankings bring out the best in people as they compete to achieve and exceed their sales targets. Easily recognise and celebrate success.


Shift Posting and Exchange

Improve Employee Engagement by putting tools in their hands to automate shift changes.

Employee Communications

Deliver messages and notifications directly to your Store Employees.


Create excitement and motivation among your employees to increase focus and results.

Pooled Labour

Create better, more rewarding part-time roles by allowing employees to work at multiple stores.

Other Features

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