Store Execution

Ensure a consistent brand and customer experience delivery by utilising task management, communications, and store visit evaluation tools.

Full-Featured Task Management

Whether tasking is communicated centrally, or within the field, StoreForce provides you with the ability to track completion along with associated work effort. StoreForce helps you to create a culture of accountability where tasks are carried out quickly and effectively, ensuring that your brand promise is delivered consistently across your entire estate.

StoreForce - Retail Task Management - View of Tasks of a Store - European Store

Store Visit Tool

Generate Store Visit reviews for your field leadership team to complete. Choose from 9 assessments or “views of performance”, and tailor each to your specific needs. Store Visit includes customised performance reports, audits, surveys, and action plans that can be generated directly in the system to track progress towards goals.

Run Store Events as Growth Engines

From pop-ups to new product launches, events bring traffic, great sales opportunity and potential repeat customers. The Event Manager tracks KPI performance across events and across all stores, even one-off locations. Use the built-in post-mortem to capture feedback, assess results and plan for even better results. Quite simply – Outperform!

SStoreForce - Retail Task Management - View of At A Glance Board - European Store


Everything your Store Manager needs to make today a success – the digital version of your Store Manager’s daily plan. From sales targets to schedules, rankings, events, and tasks – everything lives in one place. The integrated communications features make it easy to send kudos, coaching ideas or trade sales tips through the district bulletin board.


Store Visit Tool

Deliver and record regular Store Visit reviews, set action plans, and monitor progress.

Task Management

Whether your tasks are stand-alone, or part of a larger project, manage and assign tasks directly in the system.

At-A-Glance Views

See a quick summary view of daily tasks, messages, targets, and rankings.

Store Communication

Send messages to stores, single stores, or store groups, and allow inter-store communication via virtual bulletin boards.

Event Post Mortems

Automate the process of asking for and collecting feedback on event success.

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