Martin Thibodeau Talks About His Technology Vision for Laura Canada

Advantage Magazine features Martin Thibodeau, speaking on the subject of “fine-tuning [Laura]’s technology vision, bringing it data-driven results and improving its distribution system.”

Martin Thibodeau, VP of IT and Distribution Logistics at Laura Canada, has been a long time partner and advocate of StoreForce’s.  Over the years, Martin and StoreForce have worked together on a total of three implementations at separate retailers.  It has been a pleasure to work with Martin, and on behalf of the entire StoreForce Team, we wish to congratulate him on his mention in Advantage Magazine.

An excerpt from the Advantage article:  Getting in Shipping Shape:

“When I joined the company, getting the sales figures on a timely basis was a challenge, and store associates’ scheduling was a little liberal. The numbers were often inaccurate and outdated.  I knew of the StoreForce solution from having implemented it for two other major retailers operating in Canada [and knew it] would address these issues. We were killing two birds with one stone.  They offer a store-associates scheduling tool that is driven from sales and store-traffic patterns that is totally mobile.  Getting the Fisher family to buy into it was easy.  I brought the president of StoreForce in for a demo, and right there and then, Mr. Fisher decided on a pilot.”

Read the full article on Advantage’s website by clicking here.


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