10 Ways The ‘Stay-At-Home Economy’ Will Reshape Holiday 2020

StoreForce Whitepaper: 10 Ways The Stay-At-Home Economy Will Reshape Holiday 2020

Even though the conditions surrounding COVID-19 continue to change rapidly, the “stay-at-home economy” that the pandemic has created will have an undeniable impact on consumer spending and, in turn, retailers’ strategies for Holiday 2020. Industry experts are zeroing in on the key psychological and behavioral shifts stemming from the coronavirus pandemic to develop a high-level understanding of what retailers will need to do to prepare for their most critical time of year.

This Special Report explores 10 trends that should drive holiday strategies this year, including:

  • Consumers will favor in-store efficiency over entertainment;
  • To curtail digital competition, retailers will need to spread out campaigns and deals; and
  • The fulfillment experience will be a point of differentiation.

Download the report now to learn more about all 10 trends, plus three key principles for operating in uncertain times.

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