ASICS Case Study with Elisabeth Wouters

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Elisabeth Wouters, ASICS Payroll & Compensation Manager - Cover Image of ASICS Case Study - Payroll Integration with Time and Attendance Reporting

ASICS, one of the world’s largest sports performance brands, has marked its presence with 200+ retail stores in the last 70 years. With such a global scale, many retail organizations find it complex to plan and control payroll spend. This due to highly intricated labor laws in each country. Retailers are actively seeking measures to deviate themselves from such procedures. They want to focus on achieving the desired profits and results of operating a worldwide retail business. Before undertaking these efforts, it is wise to examine the right technology that helps implement a strategy and solution to meet these labor standards quickly and cost-effective.

ASICS Payroll & Compensation Manager, Elisabeth Wouters, speaks to their personal journey and challenges of ASICS payroll. These include measuring labor cost and productivity metrics, and how that impacted ASICS’ store operations. This case study examines problem areas faced by ASICS and how StoreForce was their best decision made to handle their payroll integration with a unified time and attendance reporting.

You will discover;

  • How StoreForce solution helped manage specific labor regulations for each country while integrating ASICS local payroll providers
  • How StoreForce Time and Attendance helped ASICS save costs on labor procedures within an impressively short timeframe
  • How the solution replaced ASICS reporting mechanism from old manual timecard workflows to time and attendance reporting that feeds to ASICS payroll
  • Details on ASICS overall experience with StoreForce WFM+ tool, and Time and Attendance – as another advanced add on to the investment, increasing retail operational efficiencies and maximizing returns

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“When we saw an opportunity to simplify our time and attendance and the reporting that feeds to payroll, it made perfect sense to partner with StoreForce. We challenged them to replace our reporting mechanism from old manual timecard workflows to time and attendance reporting that feeds to payroll within StoreForce.”

Elisabeth Wouters
Payroll & Compensation Manager for ASICS

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