NRF 2021 BIg ideas session

Let’s Get Phygital: Adjusting in-store labor and performance models are key

Watch our NRF 2021 Big Ideas Session: “Let’s Get Phygital! Adjusting in-store labor and performance models are key”

Join Dave Loat, President of StoreForce, with top executives Cathy Cockerton (Reitmans) and Jeff Ronald (RW&Co) plus our CEM panel to discuss the evolving role of stores within Specialty Retail.

Key topics include:

• Measuring store success / Measuring Omni Customer Success;
• Discuss how COVID-19 has expedited ‘Phygital’ roadmaps regarding labor planning, wage management and in-store operations;
• Stores as Markets;
• What initiatives are retailers deploying to adapt.

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