SmartBrief Update: Preparing Retail Workforces for Anything

Store associate helping a customer to pay their transaction at the point of sale.

Retailers must be prepared to react and adapt quickly to unforeseen scenarios and it is critically important for retail store operations teams to get it right.

Being able to quickly identify opportunities for change makes a strong workforce management solution more important than ever in order to succeed in today’s retail environment.

“Preparing Retail Workforces for Anything” highlights how StoreForce’s ‘All in one’ WFM+ solution offers Specialty Retailers real-time tools for their store managers to leverage and optimize their labor spend, change behaviors that drive performance, and increase overall employee engagement.

This Special Report with SmartBrief explores how retailers can equip their store operations teams to survive in this era. Download our white paper and learn:

  • How labor scheduling is adapting to meet new realities;
  • How changes in shopper habits have altered retail;
  • Why a ‘Stores as Market’ strategy is essential in an Omni World;
  • How retailers should apply lessons learned during COVID-19’s first wave.
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“Retailers will be better equipped to address what comes next, and [be] more agile and nimble in embracing the challenges”

Dave Loat – President at StoreForce
StoreForce's Whitepaper with SmartBrief - Preparing Retail Workforces for Anything

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