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Reitmans Uses StoreForce Tools to Become a More Omnichannel Business

“We’re looking at brick-and-mortar sales, along with our quick find fulfillment – so what we’re shipping out of our stores – to take that first step toward to becoming more omni with some of the new KPIs we’ve created through StoreForce.” ~ Lori Budgeon, Director of Sales & Operations, Reitmans Canada Ltd.

Reitmans Uses StoreForce Tools to Become a More Omnichannel Business

Using StoreForce, Reitmans has created personalized KPIs that help them to better understand which channel their sales can be attributed to. Traditionally, Reitmans’ ecomm and brick-and-mortar sales were treated as separate channels. However, it was often the same customer shopping within both channels. Using StoreForce, Reitmans has created new KPIs that give them a more holistic view of their customers.

Geolocating sales pinpoints which brick-and-mortar location should be given credit for those same geographic ecomm sales. This allows them to better allocate labor hours, and lets them budget for each store more accurately.

Measuring sales from all channels as a whole market will continue to help drive performance in their stores. What’s more, it will continue to provide an overall improved customer experience within all their sales channels!

You will discover:

  • How Reitmans created KPIs that help attribute ecomm sales to a geographic brick-and-mortar location
  • How Reitmans is getting the most of their labor spend with Available Capacity


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Founded in 1926, Reitmans Canada Limited (Reitmans) has been a staple for Canadian women’s fashion for nearly a century. Today, Reitmans operates three brands: Reitmans, Penningtons, and RW&CO., serving Canadians with a strong physical and digital presence across the country.

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