Rethinking and Redefining the Role of Physical Stores

Retailers have had to quickly adapt to the changes that 2020 brought on, rapidly expanding their shopping option channels for customers.

In this webinar — featuring StoreForce Clients Fabletics and The Journeys Group — our expert panel discussed these enormous new challenges and their impact on the role of the store in adapting to the online demand, reevaluating how store performance can impact revenue, the changing role of field leaders, and more.


  • Ron Harries, Senior Vice President, Head of Retail, Fabletics
  • William Bennett, Director, Retail Data Analytics, The Journeys Group
  • Dave Loat, President and Co-Founder, StoreForce
  • Andrew Blatherwick, Chairman Emeritus, Relex Solutions
  • Cathy Hotka, Principal, Cathy Hotka & Associates

On-Demand Webinar

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