Performance Management

Cascade your corporate goals down to associate teams or individuals, and measure actual against target in real time.

The StoreForce Solution puts goals and targets in one place, and measures goal attainment in real time.

The solution provides you with a clear and relevant understanding of what is happening in your stores and what actions can be taken to maximize results.

Performance Management

The Solution uses real-time KPI dashboards, statistics, and an advanced reporting component to communicate performance to all levels within a retail organization’s hierarchy. The Solution is entirely permission based, ensuring that store managers see what is important to them to drive their store’s business, and a corporate user sees estate-wide information relevant to the strategies and programs they have put in place.

The Solution is intelligent, using predictive analytics and sales and traffic trends to pinpoint where and when stores need to focus labor, tasking, and selling activities. And we’ve embedded best-of-breed retail performance programs into the Solution, to help you get the most out of your bricks and mortar operations.

  • Customizable, Real-time KPI Dashboards
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Statistics & Predictive Analytics
  • Standard and Alternate Hierarchies

  • Library of Best-of-Breed Retail Reports
  • Custom, Retail Reporting Controls
  • Omnichannel Reporting
  • Targets and Stretch Goals