Specialty Retail Scheduling

50% of a specialty retailer’s weekly business is done in their top 20 open hours. Ensure that you are staffed to capitalize on it.

Workforce Management should be simple, but powerful, designed for retail operators.

Retail Workforce Management is not only about scheduling the right staff to the right times. StoreForce combines Workforce and Performance Management into one Solution, which means our clients are able to execute and measure powerful labor programs and strategies, while putting an intuitive and easy-to-use and train Scheduling and Time & Attendance system in the hands of their operators.

Workforce Management

StoreForce Workforce Management is end-to-end, with the ability to output directly to your payroll provider so that you do not spend time on payroll processing.

As well, advanced Time & Attendance controls and reports give you visibility to the time actually worked in your stores.

Two of StoreForce’s key Workforce Management differentiators are its ability to identify peak selling opportunities throughout the week using sales and traffic trends, and to facilitate a leading-edge SalesFloor Leadership Program to drive and track employee performance.

With StoreForce your store will spend less time in the back office and more time selling.

  • Top-Down Labor Planning
  • Simple & Intuitive User Interface
  • Contractual Obligations Compliance
  • Labor Regulation Compliance

  • Integrated Salesfloor Leadership
  • Power Hours
  • Advanced Time & Attendance Controls
  • Mobile Employee Self-Service