Task Management

Focus your stores on your objectives through tasking. And manage strategic execution by monitoring estate-wide task completion.

StoreForce Task Management is easy to use at all levels within your retail hierarchy.

Whether tasking is communicated centrally, or at a regional or district level, the Solution provides you with the ability to track completion, down to a store level, along with its associated work effort.

Task Management

In retail, tasking is used to streamline an organization, and communicate corporate and brand objectives – it is imperative in ensuring that your brand promise is upheld across your entire estate. StoreForce helps you to create a culture of accountability where tasks are carried out quickly and effectively.

  • Task Assignment Controls
  • Work Effort Allotment
  • Task Dashboards for the Field
  • Real-time completion tracking

  • Assign Recurrences
  • Manage Tasking Groups
  • Messaging Tool
  • Task and Event Calendars