Retail Performance Management

Cascade your corporate goals down to your store teams and individuals, and measure performance against targets in real-time.

Deliver Your Coaching Program in Real-Time

Retail happens in real-time – there are no dress rehearsals. StoreForce incorporates your coaching program to deliver advice to your Sales Leadership team in real-time to maximise your ability to drive sales.

Measure Stores as Markets

Physical drives digital and digital drives physical. Bring together digital and physical performance information to measure your stores as markets, and celebrate the success that the store plays in driving overall market sales.

StoreForce - Retail Performance Management - View of KPIs and Dashboard in euros - European store

Advanced Reporting System

StoreForce uses real-time KPI dashboards, statistics, and an advanced reporting component to communicate performance to all levels within a retail organisation. StoreForce is entirely permission-based, ensuring that store managers see what is important to them to drive their store’s business and that a corporate user sees region-wide information relevant to the strategies and programs they have put in place.

Advanced Target Management

StoreForce uses store-specific trends and forecasting techniques to break down your monthly or weekly goals into achievable targets – at the store and employee level. We use a Balanced Metrics approach to ensure that targets are both attainable and credible to Store Leadership.

Statistics & Predictive Analytics

StoreForce is intelligent, using machine learning and customer trends to pinpoint where and when stores need to focus labour, tasking, and selling activities. We’ve embedded the best retail performance programs into StoreForce to help you get the most out of your brick and mortar operations.

Launch Coaching Tools on the Store Floor

Based on your KPIs, at the exact time of day, the Dashboard Analyzer recommends the sales behaviors to achieve your targets. Bring your sales culture to life with coaching tools you can use from your tablet or POS while on the store floor.

StoreForce - Retail Performance Management - View of Dashboard Analyzer - View of Tablet at European Store Level

Consistently Achieve Daily Sales Targets

With live dashboards, you see how your district, stores, and employees are performing against targets – throughout the day. Manage your KPIs in real-time to achieve your daily sales goal – every day.

Deliver Your Brand Experience

Objectively assess both Employee’s and Sales Leader’s performance against fair targets. High-target shifts are auto-scheduled to top performers who consistently deliver your brand experience and keep your customers coming back.


Customisable, Real-time KPI Dashboards

Deliver a single version of the truth across your estate in real-time.

Executive Dashboards

Allow users customized views of all KPI data across any time period, and for any group of stores.

Standard and Alternate Hierarchies

Group your stores into as many alternate views as necessary to perform “like store” comparisons.

Best in Class Retail Programs

StoreForce delivers leading-edge Retail Programs to allow you to compete in the new realities of retail.

Stores as Markets

Geolocate your digital sales to your physical locations to report on stores as markets.

Dashboard Analyzer

Deliver short coaching messages to your Sales Leadership team based on the performance that is happening RIGHT NOW.

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