Retail Workforce Management

A Specialty Retailer does half of its business in its 20 peak open hours. It is critical that you meet the needs of these peak hours to achieve your sales targets.

Simple and Intuitive Scheduling Optimisation for Retail Operators

Retail Workforce Management is not only about scheduling staff at the right time, but also the right people. StoreForce combines Workforce and Performance Management into a single solution.

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You Only Have 20 Hours

Achieving 50% or more weekly sales is done during the busiest 20 hours and you need your top-performing employees and sales leaders on the store floor to achieve your sales target.

End-to-end Workforce Management

StoreForce Workforce Management is end-to-end, including planning, scheduling, reforecasting, and timekeeping, and is able to output directly to your payroll system or provider.

StoreForce - Retail Workforce Management Software - View of Scheduling - Store Level - European store

Greater Visibility of Key Performance Opportunities

StoreForce’s key differentiators are its ability to identify peak selling opportunities using sales and traffic trends, and to facilitate a leading-edge Sales Floor Leadership Program to coach employee performance and behavior in real-time.

Build Performance-Optimised Schedules in Minutes

Machine learning builds performance-optimised schedules based on projected traffic trends and continuous assessment of store and employee performance. In minutes you have a schedule designed to maximize sales performance in compliance with labour laws, company policies, and qualifications. Managers spend their time on the shop floor!

Integrated Employee Performance

The most effective method to increase retail sales is to put your best people on the floor during peak periods. Whether you manage individuals or teams, StoreForce objectively measures the impact of how the store performs when each employee is working and uses machine learning to assess individual performance.

Never Sacrifice Customer Experience

Customer experience drives your business. Easily ensure your stores have the right number of top performers on the floor at peak times and throughout the week. You can’t afford too many staff, and you can’t afford to miss opportunities with too few staff. StoreForce gets it right.

StoreForce - Retail Workforce Management Software - View of Scheduling Statistics - Store Level - European store


Top-Down Labour Planning

Get workforce planning right the first time with machine learning tools that continuously track traffic trends and sales performance.

Intuitive User Interface

Success in retail is on the shop floor, not in the back room – StoreForce is easy to use, saving screen time for employees.

Ensure Scheduling Compliance

Schedule for compliance with labour laws and contracted hours – we operate in more than 49 countries.

Advanced Time & Attendance Controls

Simple, intuitive timekeeping to automate the feed to your payroll system.

Power Hours

System automatically identifies your peak store hours and adapts the schedule to maximise your sales potential.

Mobile Employee Self-Service

Log-in from your mobile device to manage your schedule, send messages, and view your performance.

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